The Mora: A Book of Lost Knowledge

the mora temp purple bevelThings are still coming along. Apparently, pre-posting the next installment of a series on Goodreads is standard practice, so I went ahead and put up a page for Liminality: Book 2, though I’m guessing it’ll take more than a year for it to be ready to go out. For whatever reason, it apparently takes days for them to update their search data, so it doesn’t yet show up as part of the series, unfortunately.

I’m reluctant to go any further than the first two books, though, because while I know where this is all going, I have no idea how many books it’ll take or how the material will have to be divided. The current guess is between four and five books, but the final titles of each will depend on how far that particular volume makes it.

Book 2, however, is a done deal. (Even if it’s nowhere near done.)

The Mora (Liminality: Book 2)

Jadwiga Dobrowska is a mora, a creature whose spirit goes wandering at night, putting her in peril every time she sleeps. And yet, with her spirit in danger, her family threatened by ancient rivalries, and her country in political turmoil, it is one angry, drunk man who kills her.

She is fourteen when she is beaten and thrown down the well to drown.

Strange though her life has always been, Jadwiga could never have expected to wake again in a bizarre mirror world, chained body and soul to a terrifyingly powerful being that calls itself Twarz Cienia, the Shadow’s Face. Now, with no choice but to obey the Twarz, she must contend with forces outside her understanding, fighting in a war that will never end.

And still she can’t be sure that her freedom was a fair price for her life.

There is a page for this one, too, under The Books > Liminality > The Mora (Coming 2014).


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